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Paul Moore and his beautiful wife, Joni, are the parents of two darling daughters, Ellie and Reese.


Paul was diagnosed with kidney cancer in February 2015 and bravely faced every challenge with a strong will and a positive outlook. The cancer progressed despite multiple surgeries and excruciating treatments which included; removal of his kidney, a hip replacement, surgery to remove tumors from his skull, and cement placed in the vertebra of his spine for support. Through it all, Joni was by his side.  She cheered him on, showed love and support, and did everything a wife and mother can do to sustain them through the difficult times.


Everyone around Paul and Joni were touched by their deep-rooted optimism and their unwillingness to give up the fight. They set an indelible example as they filled each precious day with love and gratitude.  It was Paul and Joni’s infectious positivity that inspired what has now become The Paul Moore Foundation.


Paul passed away on March 5, 2016. Our love goes out to Joni, Ellie, Reese and all of Paul's loved ones. 

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