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The Paul Moore Foundation

Families face a wide spectrum of challenges when a parent is given a terminal diagnosis. The Paul Moore Foundation is working to ease one of those challenges by providing financial assistance.


Our goal is to reduce the financial strain that these families are under so they can focus on spending their remaining time together in the most positive ways possible. When a family faces this kind of unfathomable reality, we hope to enable them with time to grieve and plan for the future without the added burden of financial stress.


Because the foundation is completely run by unpaid volunteers, you can rest assured that your donations will go directly to families that are in need.


The inspiration for this foundation, is the Moore family. You can read more about Paul and his family HERE.




Every little bit helps! Your donation of any amount, will make a difference for a family. We appreciate your generosity.


To make a donation, simply click on any of the PayPal DONATE buttons.





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On November 27th The Paul Moore Foundation is participating in the Love Utah Give Tuesday initiative. We are so thankful for the many donations we have received in the past and hope to raise awareness and funds for more families in need. 


The Paul Moore Foundation provides financial support to young families with a terminally ill parent.

Together we can transform worry into assurance that support and care is available.

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